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Is My Child Out of Control?


It is normal for children, especially teens, to challenge adults as they learn to develop their independence. However, there may be times when this indicates a more serious problem and when you should seek out individual and (or) family counseling for your child. Please answer Yes or No to the following questions based on your child's behavior over the past two months.


1. My child frequently loses their temper and acts out in destructive ways.
2. My child seems "immune" to punishment efforts
3. My child shows little remorse or concern for other's well being.
4. My child has difficulty adhering to clearly laid out rules (i.e., obeying an established curfew).
5. My child seems spiteful and vindictive to family members, peers, or pets.
6. My child frequently uses inappropriate language and tone of voice when addressing adults.
7. My child is disrespectful in the classroom and (or) uncooperative with teacher(s).
8. My child has become increasingly secretive with individual and peer activities.