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Eating Disorder


To determine if you might have an eating disorder, answer all items either YES or NO. If it is difficult to determine between the YES or NO, choose the one that best describes your experience.


Do you obsess about your weight and how you look?
Do you weigh yourself more than once a day?
Do you have 'good' foods and 'bad' foods?
Do you think about food all day long—what you will eat or will not eat?
Do you exercise more than an hour per day?
Does gaining a couple of pounds send you into a tailspin of depression?
Do you skip meals intentionally, sometimes even not eating for two or three days?
Do you plan what you are going to have for lunch before you are finished with breakfast?
Do you not eat much during the day, but eat all night long until you go to bed?
Do you sometimes get rid of your meal by throwing up or using laxatives?