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Anger Management


To determine if you or someone you know has an Anger Management problem, answer either yes or no to the following list if the item is experienced or exhibited more than one time per month.


Raised Voice (D)
Yelling (D)
Cursing (D)
Headache (D)
Stomach Ache (D)
Tightness in the Throat (D)
Increased Heart Rate (D)
Increased Blood Pressure (D)
Clenched Fist (D)
Threatening Others (D)
Pushing or Shoving Others (D)
Hitting (D)
Expressions of Hostility (D)
Feelings of Resentment (D)
Feeling or Expressing Rage (D)
Excessive Sleeping (I)
Often Feeling Tired (I)
Anxiety (I)
Numbness (I)
Crying (I)
Mean or Hostile Joking (I)
Abuse of Alcohol or Drugs (I)
Constant Criticizing (I)
Sulking (I)
Depression (I)
Overeating (I)
Loss of Appetite (I)